Musing with Daniela Schmutz

Daniela is a Psychic Reader and a direct source for channelling. She is also a Life Coach, Energetic Healer and creator of her all-natural micro-dosing vibrational elixirs. From a young age, Daniela's quest of curiosity to delve into advanced concepts of the universe and her connection to the spirit world lead her into these multifaceted pathways to provide support for her clients and their connection to their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies to gain unity for continual cyclic life-changing transformations. With sharing her powerful gifts of connection to Psychic realms and light language healing mixed with practical coaching, clients gain clarity and empowerment for their path ahead whilst learning new tools to build a strong foundation of belonging, expand conscious awareness whilst also birthing new levels of embodying self-worth, innate love, stability and freedom.


What does it mean to be a woman in the world today?


Being a woman today means living true to my values and embracing the continuous layers of evolving, which creates change within my inner and outer worlds- we have such a force of continual rhythm and movement within all of us. That’s what AIYANA is all about. It means ‘forever flowering’, representing the layers of our ever-changing selves. Being a woman means sharing a connection that extends beyond race, age, sexuality, social media, the groups we are connected to of the ‘who’s who, and physicality itself. It’s something that bonds us together on a deep level – a soul level, going beyond gender and meeting beyond the physical form. It’s about being whoever you want or need to be as a soul on this timeline which supports breaking down any expectation of how a woman should be and sharing neutral ground with a unified conscious awareness for others to do the same. Being in female form means trusting my feelings and intuition and feeling connected to the moon and nature’s cycles, and living in unity with human and spiritual sides. Having the ability to love fully and to care for and nurture myself with compassion, how I self-manage- self regulate and self-connect as that is the key to living in a deep sense of freedom and belonging at the same time.


Can you share a part of your story that shaped you as a healer and intuitive?

I feel there are so many continuous cycles that are forever evolving and shapeshifting us from one state to the next. I have definitely had significant challenges in my life from a young age that have needed a lot of layering support and prompted me with choices to shift depending on how I want to experience life for myself. When I was younger – talking early teens and early 20s, I didn’t have the tools to self-regulate and self soothes the way I needed or realised how even my life could dramatically change by simply knowing how to deeply nourish and care for myself at this time in my life I also felt my external world wasn’t reflecting how I felt on the inside, I felt something was missing within me for my experience on this earth, so when I was in my early twenties, what started to shape my pathway was, I aligned myself with a beautiful Coach who provided me with the blend of really deeply learning about myself- we did a lot of work- she’s still my coach today, over ten years on! I really started to understand so many things about myself, tapping into my own connection, expanding my consciousness and building a solid foundation for myself. This venture also opened my spiritual pathway, which was one of the best monumental times to shape my path and start to really know how to understand and look after myself, not just at a human level but a soul level and open my connection to the magic of the universe and how we can experience everyday life in such pleasure. From this time, It helped me to really have compassion and gratitude for every cyclic chapter. I love learning, so to ride each wave, beyond human attachment and understanding and being responsible for my own creation in every dynamic or situation and living each experience as a portal that offers different perspectives, outlooks and challenge my belief system- which in turn just ends up every time a deeper layer of fulfilment for my quality of living for solely me. And it’s really allowed me to embrace life and support others on their journey wherever they are at. I feel it is so necessary for people to have a support system, whether that’s coaches, healers or any service that supports self-connection and growth. I had such a curiosity to delve into understanding human behaviour and learn about different concepts of the universe and my own connection to the spirit world as I had many awakenings and spiritual encounters from a young age, which lead me overtime building into these pathways to create a business to support people and their connection to their spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies to gain unity for continual cyclic life-changing transformations.


What is the most important part of your work in supporting women to heal?

I am giving my clients multiple avenues for healing and support and building new foundations, unlearning patterns of conditioning, limiting beliefs or inner child healing. Teaching my clients how to self-regulate, self soothe where they build self-worth, love, and learn how to connect inwards for support as sometimes what I am helping clients with is very deep and sometimes quite serious. I'm supporting clients to heal from the inside out. Still, from a practical psychic/coaching perspective- my work is action-focused, whether that is actioning movement, or actioning rest, the balance of masculine and feminine energies, and help them step into a brighter way of living with many avenues to choose from. Sometimes it's not an easy road for clients, and sometimes I have to challenge them and get them out of their comfort zone, step out of old mentalities and guide them to rebuild. To have my clients change their path with me is probably one of the best feelings to see how my work impacts people. This is also what drives me to see their life changes from our work. I have so many avenues available, from readings, coaching and healing to natural micro-dosing remedies.
I've created natural vibrational elixirs that enhance the quality of a person's daily life, bringing them into a state of self-awareness. It is natural micro-dosing, bringing a HIT of unique frequencies for you to start recalibrating to the unique vibrational state activated, and they support energy/mood management daily. They activate from your cellular structure and create shifts in the moment. For example- one is called Loved Up- which brings you into the heart frequency, it aligns all bodies into unity, and you start to feel your true humbled state within. Another is PASSION, lighting your spark for creative projects and supporting intimate connection, raw sexuality, and sensuality and supporting safety, especially if there has been trauma to the reproductive area or lower chakra region. They are incredible, and I'm super proud to start bringing them out to the world.

What brings you back and reconnects you with your truest self?

So many things! Simply grounding and breathwork and being still with myself- I process and feel very relaxed in my own company; during this time, I check in with my intuition, meditate in some form and connect to my guides. Intimately the things I love doing in my time are playing music and dancing, whether that's slow and more sensual, or more upbeat, really moving energy and emotion from the body and just allowing my body to guide me. I also love tantric self-massage; it's an avenue for a deep intimate connection to tap into my emotional and physical intimacy whilst holding a beautiful, nurturing space. I am checking in with my heart space and attending to my emotions, sometimes art- when I feel the energy is present to create, mirror-gazing – connecting to the soul and future selves for information and messages. Being in nature and giving myself healings are pretty special too to reconnect me.

What are you excited about in the future of the healing arts? What inspires you?

It's a time for change and empowerment, less comparing and rather an encouragement of individuality. I see so many more people like you, Sahar, with Muse, uniting to help each other and supporting each other and aren't afraid to talk about anything or make a stand to share our alignments and passions. We are at a pivotal time, where we are using our voices and images and being recognised through our own form of creative expression – whether that be business, values, beliefs, healing, art, and that inspires me even more as I feel we are all limitless, why wouldn't we be fearless and step into this beautiful energy of change. For wellbeing for my mind, body and spirit, I use my foundational practices of self-connection – checking in and listening to the cues of my mind, connecting with what my heart wants and then checking in with my physical body and aligning them for a unified grounded state. For the planet, for me, is through connecting to nature, aligning with seasons and trusting the rhythms of collective planetary shifts. I often tune into what's happening with the planet, and we are moving through such a huge shift now as we all recognise- this is a time for us to go inwards and shed anything that isn't going to serve or support the planet and ourselves moving forward. We are in a forced inner and outer world shift. We as humans can be so fixated on timelines, so really trusting pockets and cycles of energy and what is happening with our planet brings better alignment for us to flow more, trust and surrender. With Community, checking in with loved ones and simply being open, open communication and sharing equal space without judgment/meeting the soul and energy without human identity creating stories.


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