Musing with Inga Dennet


Inga Dennett is a trained Counsellor, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and Inherited Family Trauma Facilitator. Inga is based in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia. With over 19 years working within the community sector, Inga is passionate about what she shares as she believes that everyone has the potential to take charge of their own life. Inga’s unique skillset, training and life experience gives her the ability to work with you one on one. Her clients can touch on important details from past and present events, which then enables her to provide them with a pathway that allows them to make transformational and sustainable changes within their lives. 


What does it mean to be a woman in the world today?

Oh being a woman in the world today for me as I am today. The world is my oyster. I truly am beyond grateful to be living where I am living and the life I am living. Had I not experienced my life as I have, coming into the family I did, being born in the time I was born, my struggles, my successes, I wouldn’t be where I am, sharing what I share and being able to assist women how I am. Through my own journey as a woman, as a single woman, as a wife, a step-mother, mother, daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend – there is an unbridled, unstoppable force when women who have or are doing the inner work, come together, connect, share and support each other. Coming back to our power is phenomenal, to which holds such grace, grit, divinity and strength within it.


The word trauma is thrown around a lot these days. What does the word really mean?

Trauma for me now has a totally different meaning to it than it did two-to-three years ago. Trauma to me now is, any experience we have that we perceive as threatening to our nervous system without us having the opportunity to consciously connect in with what we have experienced, how our body is feeling post that experience and allowing ourselves to fully process that for as long or as short is required by our bodies.  


How can understanding your power be helpful to women? And what would be the most effective way to learn?

I think when we as women come to understand our own power, how we view ourselves, how we fit into the world both locally and globally changes. We find strength that we didn’t know we had, we begin to live aligned with our values and no longer give time or energy to anything that doesn’t align. The most effective way to learn our own power is to reconnect with ourselves through somatic experiences, through yoga, through pilates, breath work, meditation – nourishing and nurturing ourselves first so as we start to see that we are in fact the centre piece of each family system, we as women and with us caring for ourselves, stepping into our power – our children, our families will get the best of us and we can then nurture and nourish those around us to become the most aligned value driven people they can be.


Do you do you think there is a lot of people who are suffering from trauma who just don’t realise it?

I think the majority of the population aren’t aware that they are suffering from trauma, and how do we reach those people? I think the word “trauma” has a stigma to it that doesn’t speak to the simplicity of what it is.  Before I experienced my own “trauma” or became aware of what it is I thought trauma was experiences that were horrific and happened to other people.  I think, if we begin to speak about trauma using different language – something that the general population can relate to – then we may be able to reach the people who don’t associate their life experiences with trauma. 


What would you say to a woman that is in a place of healing?

It may and will at times feel like you have no idea what is unfolding, you may feel like no one understands, that you are alone and this part may never end but it does and it will.  Life, I have come to understand is a series of unfolding’s and unraveling’s, there are various layers to us, like onions, some are deeper some a more subtle, we reach each layer when we are ready to address that layer of healing and from my experience, the people and resources that are needed for each part of the healing journey present exactly when we need them.  Trust in what is unfolding even when it seems totally crazy or bewildering – the more we lean in, the more we learn about ourselves, those around us, the world both locally and globally and how and what we have to offer is exactly what is needed in this time that we are living.


Do you believe in the concept of a muse? If so, what is yours like?

Yes I believe in the concept of a muse – Mine is white light, connection to source, where there is no thought no feeling – just a beautiful sense of “being”.


If you could share one practice that can empower and inspire our Muse community, what would it be?

The most empowering resources that have helped me along the way are meditation, both my personal journey or meditation and my learnings through my meditation teacher training and specifically in the trauma informed space. Practicing yoga, reconnecting me back into my body, becoming familiar with my body’s inner workings, the wisdom it holds and allowing it to shift and move as it needs. Connecting with like minded women who value the capacity to be authentic above competition is imperative on this journey of life.


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