“Sahar’s work is simple yet deep and profound. After years of looping on unhelpful narratives in more traditional therapy sessions – being guided into a meditative space by Sahar and finding the answers within my own psyche – felt like a breath of fresh air and the key to unlocking a whole new world of healing and possibilities. Sahar herself is warm, dynamic, nurturing and a gifted healer and communicator who I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone on a path of healing and discovery.”

Nathalie Kelley, Actress and Activist, Los Angeles, USA


"Sahar is able to hold space for women in the most professional, gentle, nurturing and compassionate way. She is truly gifted at gently guiding people through their process and offering very helpful tools to help you achieve self-awareness, healing, self-love and overall wellbeing. Sahar has really instilled in me the importance of continuous self-reflection and how journaling can be a fun, insightful and powerful tool to accomplish this. She was able to reframe journaling as a form of self-care, something that had never occurred to me. I am grateful for all the tools she shares in her journal which help us to truly know ourselves and gain more clarity around the path we wish to take in life. I love how Sahar is able to hold space for women to share openly and be vulnerable. It is in these moments we can discover parts of ourselves in each other and truly connect on a heart level. Being in her presence is a true gift. If you’re looking for a professional yet nurturing counsellor and therapist, I can highly recommend Sahar.”

Nathalie Solis, Doula and Birth Educator, Byron Bay, Australia


"The Muse Journal has quickly become an essential part of my daily writing ritual. Sahar’s deep knowledge of the human psyche shines from every page, and I feel so held through the gentle but deep process of self-enquiry she guides us on through the prompts and reflections. I have used this journal to solidify my purpose, to harness my feminine powers, and to come into a deeper relationship both with myself and the beauty of the world around me. A gift to every woman lucky enough to own a copy."

Nina Karnikowski, Author and Travel Writer, South Golden Beach, Australia


"I journal regularly and The Muse Journal has added such an amazing new level to this ritual. The prompts and activities throughout offer deep reflection and healing. Sahar’s knowledge, essence and experience is found in every page. I have used this journal to find deeper understanding of my emotions and my relations. It’s also so elegant and sophisticated with its black leather cover and graphics throughout. Not only is it the perfect gift for ones self but a powerful gift for a loved one."

Sally Mustang, Artist and Writer, Byron Bay, Australia


"I have been on a spiritual healing journey for some time now and was looking for something like (the Muse journal) to assist in my thinking. I love how in-depth the content is as well as allowing space for you to share as much or as little as what feels right. The production value of the product its self is beautiful and I love that I can carry it every where I go. Sahar has clearly poured her heart and soul into this and I am so glad to be a part of The Muse Co. I’m looking forward to reading my notes in years to come to see how much I have grown."

Laura Richardson, Mother and Connector, Bangalow, Australia


“Sahar is one truly magical woman with an incredible gift who holds all the perfect strengths and qualities to travel far with this type of work. She holds such an incredible space that feels truly authentic, yet anchored and gently grounded too. She is the real deal and an exceptionally beautiful woman inside and out.”

Chantel Berber, Teacher and Activist, Byron Bay, Australia


"It was no freudian slip that Sahar introduced the The Muse Journal as if it were a journey. Having been to an intimate launch, guided by Sahar herself, I was able to see the power of this precious toolkit...this beautiful, recycled leather bound journal. It has a myriad of possibilities to aid personal and spirital growth. After only completing two chapters, I already feel a truly deeper sense of understanding of where I am at emotionally and even dare I say spiritually. I have so much to learn about myself, my story and my real truth - which I have always felt a little shy of facing head on. With The Muse Journal I feel equipped. As if Sahar is physically there guiding you through every step of the way. A brilliant mixture of activities. So excited to write more this week!" 

Ellie Waterhouse, Mother and Artist, Bondi, Australia 


“I attended Sahar’s journal course and it was a truly transformational journey of empowerment, connection and discovery of Self for me. Sahar designed a holistic approach that offers you wonderful gifts and knowledge on so many levels: from nutrition to yoga and guided meditations, journaling, connecting with the energies of the moon cycles, transpersonal counseling, and self care rituals. I was uncertain in the beginning if an online program would be able to offer a safe space needed to really open and transform. But I felt held, supported and guided with love, compassion, strength and wisdom throughout this process. I trusted Sahar and the other women in our group 100%. It supported my confidence to speak my truth and focus on my true purpose and helped clarifying my intentions and goals. If you can give yourself a gift, do not miss this opportunity to love yourself more through this beautiful process.”

Andrea Friedrich, Mother and Le Ciel Foundation, Germany


“The journey changed my life for the better, on so many levels. It really gave me opportunities to challenge myself in ways I had never done before. Sahar led this sisterhood with such grace, compassion, empathy, love, encouragement, support and wisdom. I truly knew that she was feeling what I was feeling and had such a deep understanding of wherever I was at on my journey. I trusted her without question. I felt completely held, loved, heard, nurtured and understood by not only Sahar but all of the women. This was a very deep journey into self, and just knowing that support was available made it so much easier, even enjoyable. The journey itself offered many wonderful gifts, from nourishment to yoga, meditations to journalling to connecting with the moon energies. It covered so many important bases and in that was better than any journey I had previously done as it was a holistic approach which is so important to overall health and well being. If you are wanting to align with your highest self and get to know yourself in new healthy ways, I highly recommend participating in the program with Sahar. It is the most beautiful gift of self love that I have ever given to myself.”

Shayna Roberts, Chef, Sydney, Australia


”The journey played such a vital part in my healing and awareness of self. Sahar leads all that she does with a true servants heart, without force and with such incredibly nurturing guidance. The support I receive throughout the process by both Sahar and the women in our group allowed me to be truly vulnerable in my time of need. Being held with such compassion and strength allowed for immense growth. The tools given in the guide book are now deeply embedded into my new way of living. Every element of my experience was one that was beautifully challenging and completely bliss filled. I am now the woman I knew I was destined to become. It has forever changed me in ways I never could have imagined and my heart will forever be filled with massive Love and Gratitude to Sahar for bringing such a beautiful way of being to life. I would recommend this to any woman, at any stage of their journey. Gift yourself this beautiful experience and trust that you will be held, supported and guided in the most nurturing way. Becoming the woman you have always desired to be requires, faith, courage and a powerhouse of women rallying around you. The program provides that and so much more.“

Ren Mathieson, Business owner, Carins, Australia