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The Muse Co is dedicated to educating and empowering women to experience and embody their true femininity and power.

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Muse Community

The Muse Community is an uplifting, inspiring and safe social networking app. It is a place to share stories, insights and learnings as we navigate being women in the world today. We believe it is vital to have a community of like-minded women that support, encourage and empower each other. The Muse Community App is a place designed to uplift and inspire women to grow, transform, and use their voices to create a better world.

Muse App

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I highly recommend the muse app for any woman that is seeking growth, healing, transformation and community. 

Shafiqa Irwin

The muse app shares in-depth tools and resources that can help empower women to explore their truest self.

Sienna Rose

Muse Journal

The Muse Journal offers guided questions and tools for self exploration and deep reflection. The journal process supports women to explore their story and helps build their confidence and self worth.


Be Our Muse

We would love you to be our muse. If you feel like being part of our muse community as a contributor, please make a submission to be featured in our muse app, monthly muse letter and on our social pages.