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A place to step into your authenticity and become your own Muse. Wherever you are on your journey through life, The Muse is a platform that can empower and inspire you to reconnect to your most authentic self.

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The Muse Way

At The Muse, we facilitate and support all women to meet and embody their most authentic and empowered self. We live in a fast-paced society filled with obstacles that prevent us from diving into our true femininity and power. Without the mental space, the tools, or support, it can be challenging to connect back to that innate wisdom that lives deep within us all.

We believe that all women can reconnect to that power and tap into their own wisdom. When women experience this, they become empowered to make changes and take responsibility for creating a life that makes them truly come alive. We have carefully designed the tools and products that will support you on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

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Muse Journal

Explore the Muse journal process and discover who you truly are as a woman. The powerful in-depth process provides a 200-page journaling experience and online educational learning to support you to step into your most empowered self.

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"I journal regularly and The Muse Journal has added such an amazing new level to this ritual. The prompts and activities throughout offer deep reflection and healing. Sahar’s knowledge, essence and experience is found in every page. I have used this journal to find deeper understanding of my emotions and my relations. It’s also so elegant and sophisticated with its black leather cover and graphics throughout. Not only is it the perfect gift for ones self but a powerful gift for a loved one."

Sally Mustang, Austalia

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Muse Founder

As a woman and mother, my life has been a journey of self-discovery. It takes courage and strength to know yourself deeply. We are conditioned as women to believe we are separate from ourselves and essentially disconnected from our power. We must move beyond these limiting beliefs and find a way back to knowing our most authentic selves. As a therapist and counsellor, I understand the complexities of life and the challenges women face in this world. I created this platform to help women awaken to love, deepen their connection to self, and live and embody true empowerment.

About Sahar


“Sahar’s work is simple yet deep and profound. After years of looping on unhelpful narratives in more traditional therapy sessions – being guided into a meditative space by Sahar and finding the answers within my own psyche – felt like a breath of fresh air and the key to unlocking a whole new world of healing and possibilities. Sahar herself is warm, dynamic, nurturing and a gifted healer and communicator who I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone on a path of healing and discovery.”

Nathalie Kelley, Actress. Los Angeles, USA