The Muse App is an inspiring and uplifting online social network and community.

We are here to support all women on their healing path. To create a sanctuary that is safe and free from judgement. Where love and compassion for one another is abundant, and where each of us can feel connected and confident to live a life aligned with our most authentic selves. 

We exist in a pivotal time where millions of us are waking up and coming together to do the inner work of shedding the social conditioning that has kept women undervalued and disconnected from ourselves, our earth, and each other.

The Muse App explores issues that affect all women. We consider ideas about wellbeing, relationships, feminism, creativity and spirituality. By coming together, we will heal through self-empowerment and love.

We stand hand in hand with women all over the world who are willing to do deep inner work for themselves, for their lineages, and for humanity. We believe that spiritual practice is not a means of bypassing our very real-world issues, but a way of deepening into what's true within us. As we awaken to our power, we realise our capacity to be a guiding light and to live a life that heals and awakens others, too.

We believe in equality, justice, and love for all beings. We stand with all peoples, races, religions, genders, and sexual orientations. We are all works in progress, and we choose not to shame, blame, or harm others for their beliefs, but instead, we decide to educate through non-violence and compassion. We are committed to hearing from you and correcting ourselves when we misstep. We are loving, and we are fierce. We are willing to look at the places others might fear to look.

Becoming a part of The Muse community will help you to find the truth within yourself. You will heal and awaken your inner muse. The healing you give to yourself will flow through to those you love, the community you live in and the earth we share.



Sahar Zadah is the founder of The Muse Co. She has spent more than a decade supporting women as a therapist, wellness educator and meditation teacher. She specialises in counselling and psychotherapy for women’s health and wellbeing. Her intention is to empower women to connect to their bodies and inner wisdom, so they can live a life aligned with their true essence. Her commitment to the personal and spiritual growth of clients makes this a powerful experience for those who have a passion for healing, self-development and empowering themselves to achieve their full potential.

After the birth of her two children, Sahar pursued a career in the healing arts, including psychotherapy and counselling, integrative nutrition, yoga and meditation. Her integrative approach with clients has expanded her understanding of the human experience and increased her capacity for empathy, compassion, and love. Through her online sessions, community app, and retreats, Sahar introduces women to practices that help them fully experience, awaken and embody their femininity and power.