The Muse Co is a female-founded social networking community app that provides a service that helps uplift, support, and connect women worldwide. The Muse offers safe spaces, both on and offline, where women can access valuable resources, build friendships, ask questions, find support and mentorship. By partnering with academic institutions, mental-health experts and inspirational women speakers, The Muse seeks to provide accurate and accessible education on a wide variety of topics relevant to our community.

The Muse Community App provides a service that helps women use social media applications to bring about authentic, real-time connections and build safe communities and relationships. We exist in a pivotal time where millions of women connect online to support and talk about the social issues that have kept women undervalued, disconnected and unempowered. By providing access to a community when women need it the most, The Muse is on a mission to reduce feelings of loneliness and disempowerment by sharing inspiring and educational content exploring women related issues while fostering a supportive community that gives all women a voice.



The Muse founder, Sahar Zadah, is a counsellor and wellness educator and has worked with numerous women for nearly a decade. She specialises in counselling and psychotherapy for women’s health and wellbeing. Her intention is to empower women to experience positive social engagement and growth in well-being and leadership. Her commitment to the personal growth of women makes this a powerful experience for those who have a passion for healing, self-development and empowering themselves to achieve their full potential.

After the birth of her two children, Sahar pursued a career in the healing arts, including psychotherapy and counselling, integrative nutrition, and yoga and meditation. Her integrative approach with clients has expanded her understanding of the human experience and increased her capacity for empathy, compassion, and love. Through her online sessions, community app, and retreats, Sahar introduces women to practices that help them fully experience and embody their femininity and power.