About The Muse Co. 

The Muse Co. is on a mission to empower and uplift women worldwide by collaborating and providing support. We are passionately committed to fostering positive change and working towards a more equitable world for women. Through philanthropy and collective action, we strive to address the unique challenges faced by women, ensuring they have access to the necessary support systems and opportunities for growth.


Our Approach  

At The Muse, we prioritize collaboration and community engagement. We aim to create a network of individuals and organizations that share our passion for philanthropy and giving back. By leveraging our collective resources, expertise, and voices, we seek to create sustainable and impactful initiatives that address the root causes of inequality and provide tangible solutions for those we serve.


Our Vision 

Ultimately, our mission is to foster a society where every woman can flourish, regardless of her background or circumstances. We strive to create safe spaces, nurturing environments, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. We are committed to making a lasting impact by advocating for social justice, empowering individuals, and building a world where the potential of every woman is fully realized. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.


About the Founder

Sahar Zadah is the founder of The Muse Co. and an author, therapist, and mentor with over a decade of experience supporting women in reconnecting with their most empowered selves. She passionately believes in the transformative power of storytelling, mindfulness, and community engagement. In 2020, Sahar started The Muse Co. as a safe online platform for women globally. Her goal was to create a positive space for women to discuss topics, share stories and projects, and make impactful connections. Sahar is passionate about community and hopes The Muse Co can raise awareness and provide support for different women and businesses worldwide.


Let's Collaborate

Please reach out if you would like to collaborate or learn more about The Muse Co.