In 2021, Sahar Zadah established The Muse as an educational and social networking platform intended to offer a safe online space for women. The Muse is passionate about discussing the many challenges and issues that affect all women. Through the Muse community podcast and app, we discuss and share topics ranging from violence and sexual abuse to abuse of power, gender, or any obstacles women and girls continue to face in achieving equality.

The Muse hopes to educate, empower and support women through relevant information and guidance, and help women develop a greater sense of self-understanding, acceptance and empowerment. The intention is to provide a service and community that uplifts, inspires, supports and connects women worldwide.

"It's time for each of us to step into our power, and together use our strength and femininity to raise consciousness and change the world" – Sahar Zadah.




The Muse Community is a social networking app that connects, uplifts, and empowers women worldwide. We believe connecting with a like-minded community is vital on the path to empowerment. We exist in a pivotal time where millions of women come together online to do the inner work of shedding the social conditioning that has kept women undervalued and disconnected from themselves, the earth, and each other.

Although we do not live in communal villages like we did in the past, we can create a better future for all womankind by forging these connections with other women via online platforms. Through our services and community, we facilitate the empowerment of all women. The Muse Community helps build relationships, share stories, knowledge, support, and empower one another. It is a place that can uplift and inspire all women to heal, grow, transform, and use their voices to create a better world.




At Muse, we believe that when we align to our most authentic self, we can begin to let go of self-limiting beliefs and pave a new way to heal and move through life empowered, connected, joyful, and fulfilled within. In turn, it positively affects our relationship with ourselves and others and ultimately impacts society at large for the better. We believe that when individual women heal, the world heals too. Therefore, it is our mission to make empowerment accessible to all women. 

The Muse has pledged to donate $1 from every sale from our online store to a different life-changing project each month. Through this small but powerful contribution, we endeavour to support women and girls in need and share a message of hope, strength, and positive change in the world. We thank you for helping us to make a difference.