Our Muses are a volunteer collective of women who inspire and uplift women in the app and help promote the Muse Community.

Do you have a gift to share and want to inspire others? Are you looking for a place to publish your work? We are looking for women to join the Muse Community as Muse Contributors and Creatives.

We love our community and want to give our passionate contributors the opportunity to support the Muse mission in connecting, empowering, and celebrating women worldwide. The Muse team are committed to working with us, sharing weekly content on the Muse app, and offering various online events and workshops to the Muse community.

Our Muse team have first access to internship and job opportunities at Muse HQ, get access to our premium and private groups, and have the chance to win amazing prizes. Bloggers and other creatives can have their work featured on the Museletter and social media.

Please make a submission using the form below. You will be featured in our monthly muse letter, blog and our social pages as our new ambassador. Share with us why you want to be an ambassador and how you can support, uplift and inspire our Muse community.




To accept your Muse inquiry, we have some further guidelines for the submission. As we have created a unique experience at the Muse, we request that all submissions participate in accordance with these guidelines.

  • Please share your biography in a way that will connect, inspire or uplift our community.
  • Anywhere between 200-500 words. 
  • Social tags and website links are welcome. 
  • Send a photo, video or artwork to support your submission
  • Please forward the image to