Every session is designed to support and clear the blockages that have prevented you from living a life aligned with your true power. You will discover the resources and tools you need to create life-changing belief structures while diving deeper into your vision and purpose. You will be given a space to be heard and seen, with an opportunity to heal your story and deepen your inner knowledge and understanding about yourself and the life you want to live. 


    What happens next : 

    • Get in contact to book a 1 hour support session with a trained counsellor or therapist 
    • Book your preferred session and arrange a time slot for an initial consultation
    • Once you have booked your selected service, you will receive an online questionnaire form via e-mail
    • Please make sure you have completed the form and emailed it back before a consultation.
    • Price : 1 hour session $120AUD
    • Please kindly note that all services are non refundable and have a 24hr cancellation policy.


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