Muse Journal

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Journaling can be a powerful process that ensues self-discovery and growth. By committing to this practice, you are allowing yourself to cultivate self-awareness, healing and love.  

The Muse Journal has been thoughtfully and intuitively created as an effective tool for self-exploration and deep reflection. The in-depth 200-page process provides a structured way to deepen your experience. It offers guided questions, exercises and tools that support you to explore your story, realign with your intuition and discover the depths of your most authentic self.

Alongside the journal, you will be guided and supported by online videos and meditations for further exploration in the process. The videos act as one-on-one sessions, helping you through your journey. Each session explores different aspects of self while guiding you towards discovering your inner strengths and resources. 

What you will learn: 

  • Practical tools and strategies to understand yourself on a deep level, manage your thoughts and emotions, and reconnect you to your body
  • How to learn the therapy language and improve your communication skills
  • How to heal from past experiences and change core beliefs
  • How to manage stress and deal with fear and anxiety 
  • How to align with your values and priorities to create the life you truly desire


What is included: 

  • 200-page muse journal workbook
  • 14 guided sessions for self-discovery
  • Online video and lessons
  • Pre-recorded guided meditations
  • Interactive activities and exercises 
  • Re-useable recycled leather cover 
  • Invitation to join the private Muse group
  • Material: The Muse Journal cover is made from durable recycled leather. It is a refillable journal cover that can be and is encouraged to be used every day. In addition, the journal comes with a pen. 


This course is for any woman who wants to develop greater self-awareness and learn practical skills to heal and grow. If you would like to understand and love yourself more deeply, then this course is for you. 

*If you have a complex trauma history or a diagnosable mental health disorder, we recommend that this course be used alongside regular sessions with a mental health professional. 


"My intention for creating this journal is for you to see and love yourself with increased awareness and greater compassion. The invitation to this work is to stay open and curious as you explore your story, beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours. It takes real courage and strength to start a healing journey. However, personal growth and transformation will come when you have a calling to live a life aligned with your most authentic self." ~ Sahar Zadah